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The Main Family

Homer Simpson, as you probably know, is the main character on The Simpsons. Although he works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, he is far from a genius, usually goofing off on the job by sleeping and eating donuts. And over the series' run, he's had over 100 different ones! He is in his late 30s and is married to his wife, Marge. He also has three children: Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. He has several catchphrases, the most famous of which is "D'oh!".
Marge Simpson, maiden name Marge Bouvier, is Homer's wife and the mother of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. She met Homer in high school and has loved him ever since. One of the most distinct features about herself is that she has very tall blue hair. Like her husband, she has had several different occupations over the run of the series. Some jobs include a realtor, a pretzel maker and seller, and the writer of a novel. However, though, Marge usually spends time as a homemaker.


Bart Simpson is the oldest Simpson child in the family and the only son as well. Bart is 10 years old and is in the 4th grade. As innocent as he looks, Bart is the cause of many problems in Springfield, such as doing many pranks, such as crank calling Moe on numerous occasions. Bart has also gotten terrible grades over the entire run of the series, usually in the D range or (as seen the most) the F range. Nevertheless, Bart does many activities of those of regular kid, such as hanging out with his best friend, Milhouse.

Lisa Simpson the second-oldest of the Simpson children and the elder of the two daughters. She is one of the most intelligent people on the show, and one of most well known features about her is that she plays the saxophone very well. She is 8 years old and is in the 2nd grade. She also cares much for animals, and is even a vegetarian. Lisa has a different religion from the rest of her family as well, as she is a Buddhist.

Maggie Simpson is the youngest Simpson child and the younger of Homer and Marge's two daughters. Maggie is an infant, presumably around one year old. One of her most famous hallmarks is that almost every time she is seen, she sucks on her red pacifier.

Grandpa Simpson is Homer's father and Marge's father-in-law. He is in his 80s and had a strong military rank while he served in World War II. However, though, he is now an old, out-of-shape grandfather of three.

The Flanders

Ned Flanders is the religious neighbor of the Simpsons and the father of Rod and Todd. He is a very positive and friendly guy, though is annoying to Homer and even sometimes thought of as his arch-nemesis. However, though, Homer just ridicules him on most occasions. Ned has catch phrases such as "diddly" and "okily-dokily".

Maude Flanders is the deceased wife of Ned and the mother to Rod and Todd. She was as religious as her husband and got along with many, if not all, of the town's citizens. Her death was caused by a freak accident at a racetrack (which had nothing to do with a car crash). Her death is probably the most disastrous in the series.

Rod Flanders is the elder of the two Flanders children and is presumably around Bart's age. He is like his brother in the way that he is usually happy-hearted. Says "Yay!" almost every time he is seen with his brother.
Todd Flanders is the younger of the two Flanders children and is presumably between Bart's and Lisa's age. He is like his brother in the way that he is usually happy-hearted. Says "Yay!" almost every time he is seen with his brother.

At the School

Principal Skinner is the principal of Springfield Elementary School. He served in Vietnam, as seen in many of his flashbacks. Because he catches Bart during many of his pranks, he is usually a major enemy to Bart.

Superintendent Chalmers is the superintendent of Springfield Elementary School. He is known for yelling "SKIN-NER!" at Principal Skinner. Chalmers has also been seen dating Skinner's mother, Agnes Skinner, on several occasions.

Mrs. Krabappel is the 4th grade teacher at Springfield Elementary. She teaches Bart Simpson, along with several other children. She and Principal Skinner have been seen to love each other on many occasions.

Groundskeeper Willie is the groundskeeper at the school. He is Scottish and is known best for having a bad temper.

Otto is the bus driver at Springfield Elementary. He also loves heavy metal and rock & roll. He is probably best acknowledged for being a very irresponsible driver, ending up nearly, if not, crashing the school bus in several episodes.

Lunchlady Doris is the school cafeteria worker and also seems to be the school nurse. She is not a good cook, as she is seen to use "unique" food. After the death of her voice actor, she did not speak much, but has in Season 18. However, though, she is now just a background character.

Kearney, Jimbo, and Dolph are the school bullies. They usually pick on Bart, along with some of the school's other students.

Martin Prince is the school nerd. He has a high-pitched voice and is one of most common "punching bags" for Jimbo, Kearney, and Dolph. Is in Bart's 4th grade class.

Milhouse Van Houten is another dorky kid in the 4th grade, even though he is Bart's best friend. He has thick glasses, and without him, he can barely see at all. Also, his parents once broke up, but have recently gotten back together.

Nelson Muntz is another bully at Springfield Elementary. He beats up Bart on many occasions, but is friends with him other times. He is sometimes seen with Jimbo, Kearney, and Dolph several times. The best-known thing about him is his trademark statement: "HA-ha!".

Ralph Wiggum is a "special" kid in Lisa's second grade class. He is usually seen saying or doing random things, which makes him "special". This makes him one of the popular The Simpsons characters as well.

Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

Mr. Burns is the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He is old, selfish, and greedy, which is why nobody, save Mr. Smithers, likes him. Also, Mr. Burns was once shot, but did recover. He is known for saying "Excellent." whenever something goes his way as well. Mr. Smithers is Mr. Burns's best friend and personal assistant. He really cares for him and "likes" him as well.

Lenny is Homer's good friend that works with him in Sector 7-G. Like Homer, he doesn't work very hard, and his best friend is Carl. Carl is another one of Homer's good friends that works with him in Sector 7-G. Like Homer and Lenny, he doesn't work very hard, and his best friend is Lenny.

Around the Town

Apu is the Hindu owner of the Kwik-E-Mart convenience store in Springfield. He has an arranged wife named Manjula and the father of octuplets.

Chief Wiggum is the lazy policeman of Springfield. He is Ralph's father and is backed up by his two other cops named Eddie and Lou.

Krusty the Clown is the children-entertaining clown in Springfield.

Comic Book Guy is the comic book store owner in Springfield. He is pretty nerdy, considering that he's obsessed with all science fiction stuff or comics and focuses on this nearly every time he is seen talking.

Disco Stu is the guy in Springfield that is still stuck in the seventies.

Kent Brockman is Springfield's news anchorman. Enough said.

Fat Tony is the mob boss/Italian mafia guy in Springfield. He isn't the most friendly guy in the town, if you know what I mean.

Professor Frink is the town genius and probably the smartest character on the show.

Dr. Hibbert is the Simpson family's doctor. He is known for laughing frequently in or after a conversation.

Moe is the bartender at his bar, Moe's Tavern. Regulars at the bar include Homer, Lenny, Carl, and Barney. Bart is commonly seen prank-calling his bar

Barney Gumble is the most common person seen at Moe's Tavern. He is known for burping at the bar when he is talking.

Sideshow Bob is Krusty the Clown's former sideshow on his show. In nearly every appearance that he has made, he has tried to kill Bart, and sometimes Krusty.

Sideshow Mel is Krusty the Clown's current sideshow on his show. 

Cletus is sort of the hillbilly in Springfield. He is married to his sister. He's sometimes referred to as the "slack-jawed yokel".

Reverend Lovejoy is the town's priest. Strangely enough, he is married.

Dr. Nick is the not-so-great doctor in Springfield. He is not as professional as Dr. Hibbert--in fact, he's less experienced than his patients!

Mayor Quimby is the town's mayor.

The Sea Captain is just what his name says. No explanation necessary.

Snake is the crook of Springfield. Kang and Kodos are the aliens that have been seen in every Halloween episode, along with several other episodes.

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