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Are you a Homer or a Professor Frink?


Here's a quiz for all of you The Simpsons fans to try. It will test your knowledge about the show. There are 10 questions. So get out a piece of paper and a pencil and try your best. Good luck!


1) What is Marge's maiden name?

   A. Toosen

   B. Parjeen

   C. Bouvier

   D. Kilven

2) What caused Maude Flanders to die?

   A. she was hit by a bunch of T-shirts, causing her to fall off of the bleachers from a great height

   B. she choked while eating a hot dog

   C. she had a sudden heart attack after the one that she had three weeks before

   D. she was shot by a burglar while going to the concession stand

3) What item did Homer stick up his nose as a child that went into his brain, causing him to be very unintelligent?

   A. an eraser

   B. a dime

   C. a game board piece

   D. a crayon

4) Who really shot Mr. Burns?

   A. Mr. Smithers

   B. Homer Simpson

   C. Maggie Simpson

   D. Groundskeeper Willie

5) What was the name of Lisa's fourth cat, which was only seen in "I, D'oh-Bot"?

   A. Snowball IV

   B. Thilmann

   C. Coltrane

   D. Theodore

6) During what season did Milhouse's parents break up?

   A. season 8

   B. season 10

   C. season 12

   D. season 14

7) What is not a recurring gag in the beginning of most episodes?

   A. what Bart writes on the chalkboard as a punishment for what he did

   B. what the scanner says as Maggie is being "bought"

   C. what Lisa plays on her saxophone

   D. how the family sits on the couch

8) How many episodes were in the first season of The Simpsons?

   A. 7

   B. 13

   C. 20

   D. 22

9) Which of the following has Homer not worked as?

   A. astronaut

   B. ice cream truck driver

   C. bodyguard for the mayor

   D. chef

10) How many years old is Ned Flanders?

   A. 45

   B. 50


   D. 60


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